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We're built to withstand what
misfortune AIMS to destroy.

Welcome to Ark Royal. Home to more than
100 new policyholders every day.

About Ark Royal

The roof over your head is always on our mind.

Highly rated financial stability plus catastrophe reinsurance more than double the minimum standard. With Ark Royal, you'll be safe and dry when disaster makes landfall.


About Ark Royal

We’ve Got Tomorrow Covered

Ark Royal is a top 100 U.S. Homeowners Multi-Peril Insurer*. Our steady and responsible approach has earned us a Demotech A/Exceptional financial stability rating. In sum, we promise you and yours safe passage.

By mitigating risk through sophisticated pricing and underwriting techniques, controlled geographic expansion, and our industry leading Enterprise Risk Management program, we have gained the trust and respect of independent agents and policyholders who rely on us for unsurpassed reliability and claims support.

We founded Ark Royal in Florida – a state that has faced its fair share of natural disaster – so we know that you not only want insurance; you want the comfort of an experienced partner who can expertly guide you through a claim should you ever have to make one. That’s why we have purchased Excess of Loss and Catastrophe Reinsurance that is more than double the required minimum standard. To learn more about our reinsurance stability and business philosophy, click here. To learn about our strategic alliances, click here.

*Ranked by direct premiums written in 2012.


Tanya Fjare

Vice President of Exposure Management

With Ark Royal since 2008

I oversee the analyst team responsible for catastrophe modeling, exposure management, and statistical reporting. I also manage the internal quality control group that provides programming needs for system enhancements. This group implements products from a technology perspective and monitors overall system quality. My keeping this team on point benefits our customers by providing them with ease of use on our online policy system.


Chris Kelso

People Department

With Ark Royal since 2010

My duties include the honorable tasks of recruiting, new hire orientation, HRIS training, employee database updates, and the enforcement of health and safety guidelines. I also handle queries related to salary, attendance, transfers, employee benefits, PTO and leave. I work hard to make sure we recruit the right people and train them well because when it comes to satisfying our customers, having knowledgeable employees with a great attitude makes all the difference.


Philip Brubaker

Vice President of Product Management

With Ark Royal since 2008

I am responsible for product development and pricing in Texas and Louisiana. I work with our marketing, national accounts, forms, testing, finance, and underwriting departments to make sure we meet our premium and profit goals. As Ark Royal grows, I motivate my team to focus on developing a variety of product and pricing categories so we can continue to increase what we have to offer to our customers.


Brooke Myers

Senior Claims Adjuster

With Ark Royal since 2008

I work with policy holders after a loss occurs and assure Ark Royal’s claims are fairly and accurately investigated and evaluated in accordance with established standards of quality and timeliness. I ensure the policy holder’s home is restored to the same condition as prior to the loss.


Lea Novotny

Inside Sales Representative

With Ark Royal since 2009

I work with our independent agency force and support the outside marketing reps in Florida. I help train agents and develop new, improved ways to market and sell Ark Royal products.


Tracy Fowler


With Ark Royal since 2011

I work with our independent agents to underwrite risks and ensure that they understand Ark Royal’s coverage options and guidelines. Ark Royal provides our partners with a strong and stable market, and I help deliver great service.


Jessica Hellman

National Accounts Executive

With Ark Royal since 2008

I am responsible for cultivating and developing large multi-state agencies. I work in tandem with agency partners to ensure that our agents are properly trained and generate profitable business for our Ark Royal partners.


John Kizer


With Ark Royal since 2012

Our independent agents can count on me to answer questions regarding the type of coverage we provide and the underwriting guidelines we set. In my role, I work to strengthen our agency force by keeping them informed with our product so they can in return deliver better service to policyholders. We truly aim to focus on the best interest of our policyholders and I help contribute to this initiative.


Annie Wehling


With Ark Royal since 2009

I prepare our financial statements and our quarterly and annual regulatory filings (the “Yellow Book”) with the State of Florida. I maintain and monitor our investment portfolio and maintain the Board of Directors books and records. I also ensure that we are in complete compliance with all State regulations to maintain our “A” rating with Demotech.


Danielle Cappelli


With Ark Royal since 2010

I help keep our independent agents up to speed with Ark Royal’s underwriting guidelines as well as our coverage options. By working with our partners to properly manage the business they place with Ark Royal, ultimately I am ensuring our customers are receiving the insurance coverage that best fits their needs.


Jen Kowalski

Director of National Accounts

With Ark Royal since 2008

I’m responsible for developing and supporting our national agency partners. Larger, multi-state agents have unique technology, training and workflow needs and our team at Ark Royal meets that challenge head on. Our ability to react quickly and professionally to our partners’ needs has earned Ark a very strong reputation in the marketplace.

Our Policies

When was the last time you felt calm before, during and after a storm?

We offer several types of insurance to put your mind at ease; all backed by our superior financial strength and unsurpassed claims support.


Ark Royal customers also have access to other quality insurance coverage, including flood, excess flood and umbrella policies through our strategic alliance with ASI.

Agent Information

A force mightier
than any hurricane.

We wouldn’t be one of the fastest growing homeowners insurance companies around without the confidence and support of our independent agents. We carefully select agents who are well established in their communities and are supported by a highly trained staff with intimate knowledge of the market they serve.

If you are interested in partnering with Ark Royal, please click here.

You will receive a request status email within 30 days. Please note that due to a large number of requests, incomplete profiles will not be processed.

News & Resources

News About
Florida Citizens Clearinghouse

Are you looking for a new insurance company?

If you and your agent are considering new options because your policy is no longer eligible to be in Citizens, then you are wise to consider Ark Royal Insurance. Your visit to our site tells us a knowledgeable and dedicated agent is representing you, and that you probably have a reasonably newer and well-maintained home. It also means that you are doing your homework. Good for you!

There are three simple questions you should ask when choosing a new insurance carrier. How leveraged are the company’s assets? How much reinsurance does it buy? And how well does it pay its claims? Once you ask these questions it’s easy to see, other choices just do not stack up to Ark Royal.

Our net premium written is 1.6 times our surplus. Your agent will tell you this is exceptional by industry standards. We buy reinsurance to the 1-150 pml*. This means that in the world of mathematical probabilities, we buy reinsurance that would fully protect us—and you—against a storm that comes along only once every 150 years. And we buy reinsurance for multiple events as well. Lastly, we have award winning claims service. According to the latest data (2012) from the FL Dept. of Financial Services, Ark Royal and our partner, ASI, had the least amount of complaints filed, as is the case most prior years as well.

In many ways, choosing your insurance company is a lot like choosing a doctor or lawyer. You hope you don’t ever need to call on them but if you do, you want the best on your side. We hope that you never have anything unfortunate happen to you or your property, but if anything does happen that causes you to need us, we’ll be there to make sure your policy coverage is paid promptly. That’s our promise to you.

*probable maximum loss